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(Builds for Windows and Linux coming soon)

This is a rough prototype of a semi-CTF game we are planning completing and release later this year. The idea is that you are one of many trying to obtain the artifact of Vulcan that when held will turn the user into the Avatar of Vulcan!

Current Features:

*multiplayer via ad-hoc connection using command flags via UE4 console in game (~) open Aov_Prototype_01?listen to be server and open <ip of server> for client to connect to a running server.

*can change between ranged (Spears and fireballs) and melee (hammer strike) with TAB (by default)

*left click attacks with which ever weapon is chosen

*picking up the artifact (looks like a burning torch) will put you into avatar mode

*the avatar will have fire above them. they will have their health raise to #players * 100, their spears will be replaced with fireballs and both ranged and melee attacks will hit harder.

*on death the avatar will drop the artifact.

Future Features:

*A UI...

*sound(both music and sfx)

*a mats/forge system to create 3 unique trophies. The winner is whoever gets all 3 first or whoever is closest at the end of the round

*mats will be found as pickups scattered throughout the map as well dropped by non-avatar players

*complete asset overhaul

*lobby system for finding/creating/connecting to games


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